Investment Advisory Services

Investment Policy Statement. Madison Heights Advisors provides each client with an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that meets their unique needs. The IPS is based on conversations with clients about their current investment assets, future savings, income requirements, and anticipated withdrawals. Madison Heights Advisors will seek to determine the client’s willingness and ability to take risk. The impact of potential investment constraints will be discussed. These constraints include liquidity, time horizon, taxes, legal and regulatory issues, and special circumstances.

Monitoring. Madison Heights Advisors monitors client investment needs, financial markets, and portfolio characteristics as they change over time. The Investment Policy Statement and the portfolio construction is modified as needed to insure that the client’s needs are understood and reflected.

Portfolio Construction. Madison Heights Advisors will construct a unique portfolio based on the client’s Investment Policy Statement. Exchange traded funds, mutual funds, and some individual securities will be purchased by Madison Heights Advisors to implement the portfolio. Madison Heights Advisors only purchases investments from a proprietary approved list based on independent research and due diligence. Clients’ unique risk and return needs are considered on an after-tax basis and the impact of investment advisory fees and transaction costs are included.

Financial Planning. Madison Heights Advisors uses a holistic analysis of clients’ financial and life goals to recommend and implement a plan, initially and on an ongoing basis, that maximizes the utilitarian, expressive, and emotional benefits of clients’ financial resources.


“Whether or not you try to beat the market, you can do better by properly managing your wealth.”
Edward O. Thorp, A Man for All Markets


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